Father, Grant Our Prayer

Words: Copyright © 2003 by Alan Conroy, All rights reserved.

Music: "Bonny Portmore" (traditional Irish). (MIDI) (Score)


Our Father, grant our prayer,
To walk closer to You,
Your Name to gladly bear,
To be loving and true.
Like the One who gave up all to fulfill the Father's plan,
Who willingly gave up His life,
To show Your love for sinful man.

Too long we have tarried,
Your Spirit's been denied,
We're weary and harried,
By sinful stubborn pride.
Prone to wander far away from the One Who loves us most,
Who gave to undeserving man,
That no human heart may boast.

Place Your Spirit within,
Light the whole of our hearts,
Convict us of our sin,
From You may we never part.
Oh may we live lives worthy of Your great mercy and love,
Showing grace to those around us,
'Til They see it comes from above.

The trees and the mountains,
And eagles in the sky,
The fish and the fountains,
Angelic host on high,
Everyone can see creation proclaims Your glory,
May our lives likewise declare to men,
The truth of the gospel story.