Words and Music: Copyright (C) 1992 by Alan Conroy. All rights reserved. (MIDI)

Topics: Christmas

Notes: Due to the meter difference between the verses and refrain, this may be a bit difficult for congregational singing.

It was a night like any other
shepherds watched over their sheep,
in the hills around Bethlehem,
fit for another night's sleep.
Suddenly the sky was filled with angels
telling them not to fear.
"Go see the child, in the manger,
Jesus the Savior is here!"

Come let us go to Bethlehem.
Don't you hear the angels singing?
Let us go and worship Him,
Born on this night, King of Kings!

It's been a long time since that evening;
two thousand years have gone by.
Many still stumble in deep darkness,
no matter how hard they try.
But every year about this time,
the marvelous gift we proclaim:
Jesus was born to take away sin,
that is why He came.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem.
Children and angels are singing:
Let us go and worship Him,
Jesus our Savior is King!

With every hour the time is closer,
When we'll see Him face to face.
We'll sing along with the angels,
in that wonderful place!
There will be no end to our praise,
down through eternity,
because of that night so long ago,
when He came to set us free!

Let's go to the new Jerusalem.
Heavenly choirs are singing,
'cause He was born in Bethlehem,
Jesus our Savior is King!

Come let us go the Bethlehem,
we'll join the angels in singing.
Let us go and worship Him,
Jesus our Savior is King!