Oh How He Loves Us

Words: Copyright (C) 2003 by Alan Conroy. All rights reserved. (MIDI)
Music: “Over the Sea To Skye” (Traditional celtic melody)


Born to Mary, the virgin pure,
Into our world He came.
Lowly he lay in the manger hay,
O how He loved us!
Angels sang, shepherds came,
The wise men sought Him out.
Darkness rolled back, where-e'er He went.
The good news He came to tell us.
God's time of favor visited all,
Grasp it while you can.

God the Father, He sent His Son,
Sinners like us to save.
He gave His life, to atone for sin,
O how He loves us!
Red was His blood, dark was the tomb,
Sealed and guarded by soldiers.
Bright the third morn, the rock rolled away,
Death could not hold onto Him!
Eternal life He offers to all,
O how He loves us!

Jesus shall reign o'er all He has made,
His is the heavens and earth.
He will soon come to gather His own,
And take us to live with Him!
For endless days, we'll sing His praise,
In heaven, all glorious behold Him!
Casting down our golden crowns,
Humbly bow before Love.
Tears wiped away, forever we'll say,
"O how He loves us!"